Festival of Tabla 2019 - August 4, 2019

The Festival of Tabla is today the largest gathering of Indian classical musicians on the west coast and is rapidly becoming a globally recognized landmark for percussive arts as well as all the classical traditions of India.  The Festival focus is to give new generations a chance to present authentic tabla solos as well as solos in instrumental, vocal and dance in front of larger receptive audiences and be able to perform on the same stage as the maestros.  The two day festival is filled with exceptional artists from around the world and the U.S.  Come and experience this unique festival and learn about Indian classical music & culture.  The Ravi & Shashi Bellare Arts foundation is at the forefront of preserving this great heritage and presenting it to audiences in California.


Sanatan Dharma Cultural Center

15311 Pioneer Blvd.

Norwalk, CA 90650


Saturday August 3

10AM - 10PM

Sunday August 4

10AM - 10PM

*Registration / Ticketing opens at 10am both days and actual performances will start at 11am


Ensemble by Chris Kallmyer at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Ensemble is the title of a new multimedia installation by Los Angeles-based sound and performance artist, Chris Kallmyer. The exhibition centers around a sculptural instrument created specifically for the exhibition comprised of raw timber and handmade bells that functions as a communal bell-ringing instrument, or carillon. The instrument, activated by a group of individuals, employs a method of making music by non-musicians that blends collective listening with lively communal rituals and meditation practice. Presented in SBMA’s Preston Morton Gallery and including a selection of musical scores developed by the artist, related drawings, and a video projection documenting the inaugural staging of the instrument, Ensemble serves as an oasis for contemplation and exploration.  Accompanied by a series of sound and meditation workshops, the exhibition functions as a production and rehearsal space—part laboratory and part sanctuary—made active by various participants throughout the exhibition’s duration. The exhibition serves as an active studio for Kallmyer to further explore the post-Fluxus poetics of everyday objects, what happens when audience-turns-performer, and what we collectively seek from the experience of listening.

Created for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

May 19 – Sept 15, 2019