"Eat More Mango" EP with Tarfia Faizullah & Brooklyn Shanti


Tarfia Faizullah and Brooklyn Shanti present a collision of poetry and bass heavy beats on Eat More Mango’s debut, “Nocturne”, releasing 3.6.18 via Someplace Called Brooklyn

There's a word in Bangla, the language of Bengal, for the kind of “kicking it” that goes on between good friends into the wee hours of mornings: Adda. Adda is the kind of hang where everyone present is trustingly vulnerable, and all feelings are allowed: Frustration, uncertainty, love, laughter and more. On Eat More Mango’s debut, Nocturne, poet Tarfia Faizullah and producer Brooklyn Shanti explore the possibility of communicating via spoken word and beat driven left of center hip-hop. Brought together by executive producer, Neelanjana Banerjee, who is also the managing editor at Kaya Press, the duo spent a week in a makeshift studio in Silverlake, California creating their EP. “We would walk around LA during the day, and once night fell we would be off into another world,” says Shanti, “we’re so stuck in a place where we have to constantly translate and code switch who we are as Bengalis in America, and around Tarfia and Neelanjana, I don’t need to do that – I’m free to just be an artist.” To round out the collaboration, the group invited LA-based Tablapusher to add percussive textures to their sonic backdrops.