Project Ahimsa – India Journey 2009


On the heels of one of the strongest programming years in Project Ahimsa’s history, I am traveling to India from February 12 – March 8, 2009 to bolster music education programs in Ahmedabad and Kolkata, India. A major focus of this year’s implementation journey will be Global Lingo, Project Ahimsa’s CD production effort highlighting the musical talents of children we serve worldwide. Click here to learn more about Global Lingo. I am working on a short 10 minute narrative documentary highlighting the experiences of the children involved in this amazing project, and will be interviewing all of them on this trip. I am thrilled to be visiting Manav Sadhna (located at the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad) and Disha Foundation (in the Monohopukar slums of Kolkata).

Additional support has been generously provided by the Singh Foundation ( to support Project Ahimsa’s mission to foster non-violence in communities affected by communal violence in India.

Summary Deliverable include:

  • Formal presentation of Global Lingo CDs to children Ahmedabad and Kolkata.
  • Capture of video and audio to be used to produce a short 10 minute YouTube video documentary on Global Lingo
  • Audio and Video interviews of children involved with Let Them Sing and Global Lingo in both Kolkata and Ahmedabad.
  • Capture 6 additional high quality click tracked samples of kids voices and instrumental performances.
  • Formal documentation of Kolkata and Ahmedabad Music Centers with video walk thru.
  • 6 total Blog entries, bi-weekly twitters, and facebook updates during and after journey. 2 blog entries per month minimum for the film project.

Disha foundation video and interviews (in partnership with Rosalie Giffoniello).
Mentaid foundation video and interviews (in partnership with Rosalie Giffoniello).
Delivery of grant checks to Manav Sadhna and Kolkata grantees

2009 Grant Implementation Timeline

February 12, 09 Depart for Ahmedabad from SF
February 15, 09 Teaching lessons at Manav Sadhna and Community Center at Tekra, Ahmedabad; Interview capture of children involved with Global Lingo
Feb 23, 09 Site visits to Rehabilitation Clinic, Mentaid, and Disha Foundation
March 8, 09 Return to San Francisco