Global Lingo Arrives at the Gandhi Ashram


Global Lingo, Project Ahimsa’s CD featuring the voices and talents of children worldwide, was received with great enthusiasm at the Gandhi Ashram today. A special listening session was organized by Jayeshbhai at his home for the children involved with the project, and it was amazing to see thier facial expressions after hearing their own voices remixed. Ganesh, the boy adorned with Golden headphones on the cover, held the CD high while his parents looked on with great pride. It was a special moment, 5 years in the making.

A special concert featuring Payal from the Let Them Sing CD was held at Seva Cafe, in downtown Ahmedabad. I followed each of the kids home to learn more about where they live, where they practice music, and from whom they learn. 10 year old Vishal, one of the star tabla talents featured on the Global Lingo CD, took me to his tabla class. His guru Divyang Vakhil shared his teaching style and spoke extensively about Vishals progress, and what he must do to develop even more. It was inspiring and humbling at the same time. I have been capturing a lot of video interviews during my time here, much of which i will post soon. I have also been taking early morning walks to listen to the music of the temples in Old Ahmedabad, and the pictures speak volumes.