Bollywood’s Biggest Films and Voices
presented by Rajen and Robin Sukhadia (MFA 07)

Parent’s Weekend at CalArts
Saturday, October 18 // 11am – 12:30pm

On Saturday October 18, CalArts Parent’s Weekend is thrilled to showcase the voices and films of Bollywood’s Golden Era. CalArts alumni Robin Sukhadia (MFA 07) and his father, Rajen Sukhadia, will present film music videos featuring Kishore, RD Burman, Rafi, Mukesh and more accompanied by live song performances, analysis, and historical/political insight. All the mega stars will be given due attention. We promise gregarious song and dance, whimsical musical arrangements, gaudy colors, and extremely melodramatic love scenes…all of this, of course, without any kissing on screen. Bring the kids!

Robin Sukhadia is a Bollywood music fanatic. He earned an MFA in World Music/Tabla from CalArts in 2007, and recently returned from a Fulbright assignment in India. He is a tabla disciple of Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri, who has served as the Chair of the World Music Department at CalArts. Learn more at

Rajen Sukhadia has been studying classical North Indian music since the age of 11 starting with his first Guru, Sri Raghubhai Pahadwala. For the past 10 years, he has been focusing his study with Srimati Kumudani Rathore in Greensboro, North Carolina and is currently studying tabla accompaniment with Sri Gaurang Doshi in Winston Salem, NC. Rajen is a devoted music teacher himself, and currently teaches vocal and tabla accompaniment in the Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem area through the Sangeet Anand Musical Arts School. His classical training informs his deep love of Bollywood film music. Learn more at