Tabla with a Difference with Bandish Projekt

On June 19, 2011, Bandish Projekt (Mayur Narvekar) and I linked up via Skype to showcase the history and repertoire of tabla, the drums of north India to a riveted audience at the Indian Summer Festival in Leicester, UK. The session included a live improvisation on kaidas or compositions and a discussion on where tabla is today.

About the artists:

Bandish Projekt / Mayur Narvekar
BANDISH PROJEKT is Mayur Narvekar, a Composer, Producer, Dj, Remixer, Performer and a multi-instrumentalist.’ Bandish’ in its Indian classical connotation means “composition”, while Projekt reflects its innate extermination. Like a creeper and a tree, the music is the symbiotic conjoining of the sounds folk music fused with electronic or classical Indian ragas entwined into trio hop. BANDISH PROJEKT fused melodies of yore with IDM (Intelligent dance music). 2010 marks the year when BANDISH PROJEKT released its new album ‘CORREKT’ and collaborates with the urbane performer to add new dimensions to its promising musical compendium. Also releases “BROWN SKIN BEAUTY ” New single from Bandish Projekt feat. Last Mango In Paris both on Bheja fry Records.

Tablapusher / Robin Sukhadia
A Master in Fine Arts graduate from the World Music program at the California Institute of the Arts, Robin Sukhadia has been studying tabla (classical north Indian drums) under Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri at the California Institute of the Arts and the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. For the past seven years, Robin has traveled internationally on behalf of Project Ahimsa, an organization committed to empowering impoverished youth through music education. In 2010, Robin was awarded a Fulbright Senior Research Award to expand his work with music education in India.