Tabla Explore Week 2012 | Eagle Rock School – Estes Park, Colorado

Eagle Rock Students Sonja, Chance, Nijaah, Cat, and Song began their Explore Week at ERS as complete beginners on tabla. Over the course of the week, they learned about the language, strokes and basic grammar of tabla in addition to the history and culture of South Asia. Here, the students share what they learned from the class, and how they integrated their knowledge of the language of tabla with sampling, Conductions and contemporary music production. They performed for the entire school at the end of the week.

Robin Sukhadia led an intensive and immersive week for students at Eagle Rock School in Estes Park CO focused on Tabla, Sampling and Raga. The state of the art school serves students who have failed in traditional educational environments and come to Eagle Rock to change their lives. The class focuses on classical north Indian percussion while examining the ways tabla is shaping contemporary music. Robin has been teaching at Eagle Rock annually for 10 years. This is his seventh Explore Week at Eagle Rock.

Sheela Bringi and Sreedevi Bringi were invited as Guest Artists to introduce the students to Raga and Sargam (syllables representing pitch in the North Indian Classical music system).

Special thanks to Lizzie Hal, Isaac Leslie, and L’Tanya Perkins of Eagle Rock School.