Digital Media Literacy Workshop – Kathmandu, Nepal – 2011

In March 2011, I was invited by CalArts/Center for Integrated Media to co-teach a Digital Media Literacy Workshop at Shree Mangal Dvip School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Made possible by support by Fulbright South Asia and Project Ahimsa, Neelanjana Banerjee, Tom Leeser (CalArts) and I spent 7 days at Shree Mangal Dvip School ( teaching HD video recording, sampling, and poetry. SMD school, founded by Thrangu Rinpoche, serves 600 children from the rural and remote parts of Nepal.
These workshops are initiated by CalArts and the Center for Integrated Media and they are a part of CalArts’ ongoing curriculum development. The workshops aim to bring future CalArts/IM grads to Nepal as part of the workshop’s growth and development.

Special Thanks: Angela bscher (Planning, Video & Photography), Pema Lama (Class Support & Video), Shirley Blair (SMD School Director), Tom Leeser (CalArts IM Director), Neelanjana Banerjee (, and Fulbright Regional South / Central Asia Grant.