Music and Wellness in India
Conference of Music Professionals Who Work with People in Need

March 15, 2011|  2:30pm – 6:00pm|  FREE| American Center – Kolkata
38 A Jawaralal Nehru Road, Kolkata 700071(near Maidan Metro stop)

Featuring workshops/talks led by
Tanmoy Bose (Tabla Maestro, Percussionist)
Eric Fraser (Fulbright Scholar, Music Therapist)
Robin Sukhadia (Fulbright Scholar, Project Ahimsa Program Director)
Sangeeta Pandit (Benares Hindu University)
Nimesh Patel (EKTAVA, Mahatma Gandhi Ashram)

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The application of music to heal is receiving more attention throughout India and the world as a result of the work of a wide range of Music Therapists. These innovative individuals are increasingly applying their training in classical and non-classical Indian (both Carnatic and Hindustani) and world music to empower children and adults suffering from a wide range of afflictions.

In an effort to create a unified group to promote the progress and profession of Music Therapy in India, Fulbright Senior Research Scholars Robin Sukhadia of Project Ahimsa ( and American board certified music therapist Eric Fraser-MA-BC, have joined together to organize this unique conference. The conference will feature presentations by some of India’s leading experts in music therapy and specialized music education wellness.  Each of these presenters are helping to define the direction of music and wellness in India, and will be sharing their groundbreaking work.  Administrators and professionals in the field of wellness/therapy and musicians of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to attend.

To attend or to inquire about presenting at the conference, please email or visit us on Facebook: