Global Lingo Arrives at Disha, RCFC and Mentaid

Kolkata continues to inspire me, as the fruits of over 5 years of Project Ahimsa’s programming at Disha Foundation (in the Monohopukar slums), Rehabilitation Clinic, and Mentaid continue to bear incredible fruits of progress. At Disha Foundation, a tabla teacher supported by Project Ahimsa intensely teaches a group of rising tabla stars. The day I arrived, 2 new teachers have been hired to teach guitar and singing to the eager students. Mentaid too shared incredible stories of the children performing annually in their dance drama production, supported by Project Ahimsa. When the children saw their pictures on the Global Lingo CD, they jumped with joy!

The children at RCFC (Rehabilitation Clinic) in Kolkata spend up to 2 years undergoing intensive orthopedic surgery to straigten their legs. Last year, Project Ahimsa helped to build a dedicated music room for the children, where music therapists help them heal and express themselves.

Accompanying the children while they sang in the surgery ward was truly inspiring.

A closeup of a child’s prosthetic.

We all listened carefully to the RCFC track that closes the Global Lingo album. The kids loved to see and hear themselves on the album.

Instruments donated by Project Ahimsa at RCFC.

Children at Disha perform marvelously during our site visit.

The music teacher at RCFC, who has been coming to RCFC to teach and administer music therapy, smiles for the camera!