Week of Scheduled Operations in Grand Park
June 10 – June 13, 2014
11 – 2pm

- Tuesday: A collective meditation on rain and drought with music to modify the weather in mind and body. We will mindfully encourage rainfall in a month that averages 0.09 inches of rain.

- Wednesday: An immersive wind environment with the sound and sensation of a windy winter day.

- Thursday: Experience San Francisco’s dense fog and the Golden Gate Bridge’s foghorns manifest for one afternoon.

- Friday: Regularly Scheduled Thunderstorms at 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00, with interstitial rumblings as storm systems pass overhead.

Daily Personal Precipitation Device: Seek shelter under an umbrella to experience the sound and sensation of a rainstorm.

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“We Make the Weather”

What is Weather? How do we take it into our lives, or attempt to keep it out? Can we modify of the weather to make a new Los Angeles? These are the questions we ask at the Los Angeles Department of Weather Modification (LADWM). We are dedicated to investigating the changing weather through sound, spirit, and perception.

California has a long history of modifying the weather in planned and unplanned ways, aiming to help improve our quality of life in the arid west. To do our part, the LADWM has established a field office in Grand Park altering weather experiences for downtown inhabitants. We will create weather through immersive environments of rain, fog, wind, and thunderstorms. Daily we will host lunchtime weather talks to present issues surrounding the weather and Los Angeles.
– Chris Kallmyer, Field Director LADWM

LADWM is presented by The Music Center and Machine Project as part of Machine Project Field Guide to Grand Park. For more information, please visit