Subcontinental Scare: Tales of Terror at Machine Project | Saturday Midnite October 27

In Robin Sukhadia‘s SubCONTinENTal ScaRE – South Asian Tales of Terror, SADUBAS (tablapusher and Ameet Mehta) and Azeem Khan provide a live musical score for an evening of terrifying tales from the South Asian subcontinent. The show features readings by Neelanjana Banerjee, Nasia Asam, and Tazzy Star.

Cast includes : Robin Sukhadia (tabla and electronic music), Azeem Khan (keyboards), Ameet Mehta (electronic music), Neelanjana Banerjee (reading), Nasia Asam (reading), Tazzy Star (reading), Sarwang Parikh (reading), Rachana Sukhadia (performer).

Tanzila Ahmed is a blogger. A desi. An activist. An academic. A former punker. She is maneuvering her way between the chaos of life to make a difference in the world.

Naazneen is a totally radical Muslim Gujarati. She is an inspired writer, educator and social justice organizer. Naaz infuses Spirit into all her creative acts AS liberation for a collective transformation.

Sarwang Parikh is a Bombay-born Bay Area transplant to LA. He hustles healing as a psychotherapist, yogi and wellness advocate. He is psyched to use the arts to process and experiment with body-mind-soul.

Nasia Anam is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at UCLA, writing a dissertation on immigrant literature in France and the U.K. She grew up near Chicago and is Bengali no matter how you slice it.

Neelanjana Banerjee is currently based in Los Angeles, where she is the Managing Editor of Kaya Press, an assistant editor with the Los Angeles Review of Books, and teaches writing to young people and adults through artworxLA and Writing Workshops Los Angeles.

MUSIC by SADUBAS: Robin Sukhadia (aka Tablapusher) is a Machine Project fanatic, Fulbright Scholar and a tabla disciple of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. He was our first Artist in Residence. Ameet Mehta is an Los Angeles based multimedia developer, illustrator, DJ, and disco dancer.

Azeem Khan, aka whalesound, just dropped an amazing ethereal post-punk album called Intimate Sea. The album is laced with cute lullabies, wistfulness and longing.

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