WORD TO YOUR MOTHERLAND is a traveling art/multimedia exhibit focused on visually, musically, and aesthetically transposing the culture of India through the intersections of hip- hop culture. WTYM is curated by visual artist Nisha K. Sembi and performing artist Mandeep Sethi. I was thrilled to be involved with the Oakland production of WYTM in October 2012.

WORD TO YOUR MOTHERLAND presents a combination of visual and audio pieces and installations guiding the viewer through different elements of hip-hop culture that are reshaping and revolutionizing Indian culture and daily life. This guide includes content such as digital artwork, photography, a graffiti wall, wheat paste and collage work, lettering installations, projections of 2012 video footage of hip-hop and street life in India.

The opening and closing night exhibits featured art by Nisha K. Sembi, mural installations by Hero and Lady Karma, photographs by Seti X and live performances by Mandeep Sethi, Hoodini & Baagi, DJ Smokestack, DJ Rav-E, Ishmeet Narula, Ajit Singh and DJ Mighty Zulu Delrokz.

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